• Great flexibility of use meeting with different service models
  • More efficient with our clinical practice
  • Very aesthetically pleasing and user friendly software
  • Capture a variety of observational data in less time on an easy-to-use app
  • Generate and access visually powerful reports and charts in real time
  • Capture, share, and tag videos to collaborate and support remote supervision or coaching
  • Standardized care through knowledge-based templates in the goal bank library
  • Easily view progress and summary information at a glance using Timeline on the iPad
  • Reduce/eliminate paper usage
  • Information is kept private and stored securely, secure online access to the system anytime and anywhere
  • Mobile application, compatible with Apple iOS 9+, optimized for iPad and iPad mini
  • Compatible with Google Chrome on the web, compatible with Windows or Mac
  • Reduce administrative cost to improve overall care to clients
  • Real-time connections and collaborative notes between a client’s care team
  • Enable meaningful family involvement
  • HIA and HIPAA compliant


  • Flexible capability to customize clients form
  • Easily view and generate an up-to-date comprehensive client case file report.
  • Attach and easily access additional documents in a client’s central file repository.
  • All client information is accessible in one spot including updates from all users.
  • Front-line workers no longer need to carry large binders full of client information.


  • Create client-centered, individualized care plans.
  • Maintain integrity and consistency of planning through custom curriculum libraries.
  • Integrated long-term, short-term goals with teaching plan and behavior management plan
  • Capture program skills and behavioral data on the iPad in real time to make planning efficient and accurate


  • Manage funding agreements associated with individual clients.
  • Reduce errors and billing lag time with session sign-off on iPad or iPad mini to instantly capture proof of service delivery.
  • Create simple or complex client funding budgets linked to individual session sign-offs.
  • Monitor and modify expenditure of budget with up-to-date cross reference of actual time expended versus budgeted.


  • View a calendar with the ability to view client and user appointments.
  • Drag and drop appointments until session begins for easy schedule changes.
  • Add multiple clients and/or staff to a session.
  • Easily navigate through the calendar by days, months or years.
  • Reduce administrative scheduling coordination cost


  • Supports the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).
  • Support simple or complex data sets.
  • Customizable fields to enter S^D data and materials.
  • Behavior tracking in the form of ABC’s (antecedents, behaviors, and consequences).
  • Record different kinds of behavioral data including frequency, duration, rate, and latency.
  • Quick collect objective data, and instantly generate meaningful charts to track progress.


  • Fully compliant with HIPAA, HIA, and Canadian Federal PIPEDA laws.
  • Personal information is fully protected.
  • Data center with multiple redundancy, disaster recovery, and backup technologies.
  • Fully controlled user authentication and authorization, and access control logging.
  • Dedicated Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and certified senior privacy officer on staff.


  • Standardize and accelerate delivery by importing content to clients from your organization’s shared library.
  • Reuse and share templates of program skills, behaviors and other resources.
  • Create client program plans more quickly and with fewer errors.
  • Predefined library available to license.


  • Quickly generate a variety of reports to capture client progress, view schedules, or review budgets.
  • Filter reports by client, date, or staff to narrow the scope of the content produced.
  • Powerful charts for program skills and behaviors available in real time.
  • Flexible chart display allows users to tailor charts and save charts as images to be used in external documents, reports, or emails.
  • Present accumulated data in numerous business specific reports for detailed analysis of client outcomes.


  • User friendly data collection on iPad supports complex and sophisticated ABA data-style program, target, phase and prompt level
  • Intelligence engine supports phase auto-movement
  • Support for forward chaining with option to reset on failure and backward chaining.
  • Collecting program data using intervals (collect the data every 30 seconds, for example).
  • Supports in session note and stimulus direction (SD)


  • Fully compliant with HIPAA and Canadian Federal PIPEDA laws.
  • Personal information is fully protected.
  • Certified senior privacy officer on staff.
  • Published privacy statement and commitment.