• Capture more observational data in less time.
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate paper usage.
  • Collect data as fast and efficiently as using traditional pen and paper.
  • Experience greater pride and better results.
  • Receive quantitative behavioral and skills program data from front-line data capture in real time.
  • Create visually powerful reports with minimal effort.
  • Online access to reports anytime and anywhere.
  • Better support front line staff and ensure their success.
  • Manage budgets more effectively through in-depth budget tracking.
  • Reduce the risk of having client information lost or stolen.
  • Improve morale and reduce employee turnover by lowering administrative burden.
  • Take advantage of cost savings while improving overall quality of care.
  • Increase revenue by reducing audit failures.
  • Strengthen and maintain real-time connections with Guardians and Funders.


  • Share information securely with care providers and other family members using the Web or iPad or iPad mini.
  • Access schedules, monitor progress, and find other important information such as contacts, documents and notes
    whenever you need them.
  • Record and share video and audio using the Web or iPad or iPad mini.


  • Ensure more standardized care delivery, data collection and reporting.
  • Simplify auditing by reducing or eliminating lost paperwork.
  • HIA and HIPAA compliant.
  • Support a client-centered approach with multidisciplinary teams.