About us

As a parent of a child with Autism, Ling Huang (CEO of Technology North the developer of TN ActiveCareâ„¢), having experienced first-hand the frustrations and needs of the industry, set out to use his skills in Information Technology to create a new set of tools that would ultimately reduce frontline staff admin time while at the same time increasing the level of information that would be available to parents.Having worked directly with experts in the disabilities services industry to create the ActiveCare software platform, Ling and his team have ensured the result of this initiative will resonate with service providers the world over.

Never believing the job is done, Technology North is committed to continuous improvement of the ActiveCare software package. All service providers are encouraged to work towards the betterment of ActiveCare through active design and development participation. Only in this way can Technology North commit to providing a sustainable product that will meet the current and future needs of all service providers.

Technology North (TN) Corporation is an Alberta-based Information Technology company, formed by top IT professionals in 1998. Technology North is focused on guiding businesses to success through the use of technology. In addition to the product offering, we provide IT consulting, software development and security services to organizations that need high quality solutions to support their business activities. We have a wide range of business-oriented IT planning, project management and technical skills, allowing us to service virtually any client requirement.